Our Aumeo device has been shipping for more than a year and it’s been an amazing journey.  From customer feedback we now have a good idea on what we have done right, what we need to improve on, and the direction you want us to take.  Here’s what we’ve learned and, more importantly, what we are going to do with this knowledge.

People Love Aumeo!

The recurring theme is that people love Aumeo, especially the concept of Tailored Audio!  Before Aumeo, most people don’t realize that everyone hears differently, and there’s a better way than One-Size-Fits-All audio.  Once you’ve taken the red pill (does this show my age?), there’s no going back.  Check out some amazing Amazon reviews:

People Want More!

More convenience

Our 1st product launch goal was to introduce the concept Tailored Audio, and the best way is to show how much better audio sound when it is personalized to your years.  That’s why the Aumeo device was designed as an add-on to your existing gear and make them really sing (haha).

Our next product’s mission is to reach more people, so convenience and ease-of-use is key.  Many of you have been urging us to build Aumeo into a wireless neckband earbuds, and this is exactly what we are going to deliver by teaming up with MF Jebsen (more on this in a second)!

Better wireless range

This one is the #1 most frequently requested improvement.  Lots of our fans double Aumeo as a “wireless adapter” for their wired headphones and they wander about the house.  The Aumeo device’s range could be better if we used a plastic enclosure, instead of the aircraft-grade aluminum (or aluminium for you Brits).  It was a design choice to allow Aumeo fit in better with premium hi-fi setups as an “add-on”.

Now that we are making a standalone wireless earbuds, we are going to choose high quality material that feel great to the touch while allowing maximum wireless signal passthrough.

Don’t stop at music!  What about real life? – this is another much requested feature.  Why not make Aumeo work for face-to-face conversations?  We agree it’s a great idea too so we are building this right into our upcoming earbuds products!

So who’s MF Jebsen?

Why, I thought you’d never ask!  MF Jebsen is a multinational company with roots go back more than a century.  Group Chairman Markus Jebsen has seen how the Aumeo device transformed people’s listening experience and wanted to help spread the technology to more people.  They are throwing their weight behind our wireless neckband earbuds product. Their economy of scale means better quality and features at a lower price for you. And we are very excited about it!

Stay tuned for our next update

Things are really heating up behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share more info with you!  In my next update I will dive into the features and design of our next big thing. Make sure you subscribe to our mailing list and stay tuned!