Ever since we revealed our design of Aumeo to the world, the top request we hear is this:

“It would be perfect if you produced a headphone!”

The benefits of a headphone product are obvious: nothing extra to carry and charge.  Convenience.  Yet we debated long and hard and we decided a stand-alone device would better serve our initial core audiences – music lovers and audiophiles.

We as humans assume that everyone hears the same way.   As a result the first community to really get Aumeo’s “Tailored Audio” concept will likely be people who care about their audio experiences.  Those who understand that every equipment in the audio chain affects the quality of the output.  Those who can immediately understand that the human ear, the final canvas of sound, is the critical piece of equipment that is completely unaccounted for.

These are also the people who will already have their audio setup meticulously tuned over the years.  So, who are we to pop into the scene and tell them that our headphones are better than their headphones/speakers (which is likely to be more expensive than my car)?

Hence the Aumeo.  A stand-alone device that completes your audio investment, without replacing anything.  On top of that we also decided to include AptX Bluetooth as an audio-in option, effectively adding wireless capabilities to your favourite wired headphones.

So try it on your favorite headphones!  Who knows, you might find even more reasons to fall in love with them again!