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Our Vision

We believe that sound is a crucial human sense – it is core to how we enjoy music, how we communicate important ideas and how we live our daily lives. At Aumeo, our vision is to optimize hearing for everyone. One of the major barriers to great hearing is that everyone hears differently and our hearing varies by environment. To solve this, we have developed cutting-edge software to tailor audio to individual hearing and to customize audio for different environments. We are proud to present to you a latest revolution in sound – Aumeo.

Prof. Charles Andrew van Hasselt
Prof. Charles Andrew van Hasselt

Co-Founder/Chairman of the Board

Paul Lee
Paul Lee


Vincent See
Vincent See


Vincent was wow-ed by Aumeo at a demo in 2015. As a keen musician and tech enthusiast, Vincent joined to help refine our products, while developing partnerships with top-tier semiconductor firms and manufacturers. He loves singing and was active in acappella groups at Brown University and Harvard Business School.

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